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Digital Marketing Services for Companies, Startups and Organisations

Below are the services we are used to deliver to our – delighted – clients.

Digital Marketing Strategy

A Digital Marketing Strategy is the core of your web communication. By building a cohesive and sustainable strategy, you’ll be more likely to reach your critical mass.

Digital Marketing Audit
Sendabee analyses your current digital marketing strategy and gets back with concrete solutions to optimise your efforts.

We build strong digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Strategy Creation
Sendabee builds strong digital marketing strategies for companies, startups and organisations.

Sendabee helps you reach your conversion targets by defining clear-cut customers personas, creating a cohesive and ambitious editorial calendar and setting a dynamic and pragmatic “Return On Investment Strategy”.

Digital Marketing Coaching
Your communication team is overworked? They no longer cope with the workload? Moreover, adding people to the team don’t seem to improve the situation?

Working effectively does not necessarily rime with working more, longer or harder. The way you work and the way you manage time are primary aspects to diagnose.

Inspired by Lean Startup and Agile project management methodologies, Sendabee spreads good practices within your communication team.

Digital Marketing Consultancy On Demand
Sendabee is ready anytime to help in your digital marketing strategy, whatever is the challenge.

We are used to work on long term perspectives projects with our clients. However, we are also delighted to work on (urgent) demand.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing will help you deliver valuable and outstanding content for your community. Relevant and bespoke content will propel you as an expert in your industry.

Content Strategy
We define a cohesive and relevant strategy for reaching your targets. We set up a dynamic editorial calendar and measure the ROI of each piece of content.

Sendabee helps your content marketing thrive by:

  • building an inventive company blog
  • including it into a coherent digital marketing strategy
  • defining clear-cut customers personas
  • posting recurrent, high quality blog articles
  • producing social media posts
  • sending regular newsletters to your customers
  • designing professional e-books
  • optimizing your on-page SEO.
Content Creation

We create outstanding and relevant content for your community (articles, videos, infographics, podcasts, pictures).

Sendabee is aware that results matter to you. A lot. For this reason, we keep a close eye on your analytics, measuring and constantly improving your content actions.

Influencer Marketing
Sendabee often collaborates with bloggers and influencers who can bring valuable content to companies, startups and organisations communities.

We select the right bloggers and connect them with you. We monitor delivery of collaborations.


Search Engine Optimisation is key for building a strong presence on search engines. Get qualified organic traffic will help you thrive in the long run.

SEO Audit and Strategy
We review and optimise your current SEO strategy.

We set up new strategies to propel your website on the top positions on search engines.

Technical SEO
In collaboration with Momentum Design Lab, we review your website structure, images, videos to make it SEO-friendly.

We also improve your meta tags (Meta descriptions, meta titles, meta images).

SEO On Demand
We help you for your SEO strategy:

  • Technical SEO
  • Content
  • On-site SEO
  • Off-site SEO

Leads Generation

Leads Generation is the art of getting qualified leads – or potential customers – through the Internet. Successful Leads Generation requires in-depth digital marketing knowledge.

Leads Generation Strategy

We build leads generation strategies related to: 

  • Email marketing
  • Search marketing
  • Social marketing
  • Content marketing

Based on an in-depth audit of your web presence, we’ll determine which leads generation channel is better to use and define a plan to efficiently improve your leads acquisition. 

Leads Generation Campaign

We run your leads generation campaign, regardless the online channel you use. We set the KPI’s up and start working as soon as requested.

Leads Generation Analytics

Results matter to us. We openly track data & analytics on your behalf and constantly improve your leads generation strategy thanks to the gathered information.


Search Engine Advertising is a powerful way to get immediate web results. A well driven SEA campaign leads to more traffic, more leads and more customers on a given period.

SEA Strategy
Based on what you already achieved in terms of online ads, we set up a SEA plan that fits your needs.
SEA Campaign
Sendabee posts ads on search results pages or other websites. We constantly optimise the text and the keywords for which the ads are placed. We have a strong affinity with targeting and retargeting and can offer you a range of possibilities.
SEA Analytics
Return On Investment is what matters most in a SEA campaign. We track the right data and constantly optimise your ads thanks the gathered statistics.

Social Media Management

SMM is unavoidable in your today’s digital marketing strategy. Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest or Snapchat are powerful tools to gather your community.

Socia Media Optimisation
Sendabee reviews your social media management and provides an in-depth plan to optimise your social media presence and be on top of your industry on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.
Community Management
We create and publish the content towards your community on your behalf. We interact with your community and forward you every lead related to your social media activities.
Ads Campaigns
Sendabee takes in charge your ads campaign on social media such Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

Marketing Analytics

A Digital Marketing Strategy is nothing without measuring its Return on Investment. Keep tracking the right data will help you earn money. Because in the end, it’s all about ROI.

Analytics Audit
Sendabee reviews your analytics data and delivers a bespoke strategy to improve critical statistics.
Analytics Reports Creation
We create advanced and bespoke analytics reports for our customers. Therefore, our customers just have to wait and receive the relevant statistics every week or month. Easy peasy!
Analytics Monitoring and Optimisation
We raise your traffic, leads and sales by daily monitoring your analytics accounts and measuring the right data.

Team Training and Coaching

Your communication/marketing department has a priceless value. Sendabee constantly trains and coaches digital marketing officers (on-site and online). 

Team Training Sessions

As consultants, we train your communication/marketing team(s) in advanced topic related to your digital marketing (strategy, content marketing, influencer marketing, SEA, leads generation, SEA, community management, email marketing, marketing analytics, marketing automation).

Are you a layman in digital marketing? No problem! We are used to train teams and individuals from scratch.

Advanced Training Sessions

As consultants, we train your communication/marketing team(s) in advanced topic related to your digital marketing (strategy, content marketing, influencer marketing, SEA, leads generation, SEA, community management, email marketing, marketing analytics, marketing automation).

Are you a layman in digital marketing? No problem! We are used to train teams and individuals from scratch.

Coaching On Demand

We offer bespoke workshops and webinars to companies, startups and organisations. We also answer every single question you may have in terms of digital marketing (over email, Skype or phone). 

Marketing Automation

You can automate your daily digital marketing tasks thanks to specific tools. Marketing Automation will help you gain time and be focus on what matters most.

Marketing Automation Audit
We know more than 25 different tools related to digital marketing automation. We review the way you are using your automation tools supporting your digital marketing actions and give you insights on how to optimise your marketing automation tools.
Tools Monitoring
We monitor your marketing automation tools on your behalf. Contact us to know more about it.

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